Beauti Me Callus Remover

Your Beauti Me Professional Electronic Callus Remover Foot File is an innovative device created to smoothen hard, dry, rough and calloused skin on the feet.

It is water resistant, with the strongest motor on the market. The unique roller gently and effective buffs away hard skin in seconds. With no blades to cut the skin, it works faster and safer than metal scrapers.

You will see amazing results after the very first session and it is easier to use than any other method.

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Beauti Me Replacement Rollers

The high quality and unique grinding roller rotates at 40 times per second, with a wide angle access to gently and effectively buff away hard skin in seconds.

Included with your device are two different grinding rollers, one blue and one black.

The blue roller head has a coarse grade surface and will remove hard and callused skin faster.

The black roller has a finer grade surface, which is more suitable for those with sensitive skin or for regular maintenance.

Try the different rollers and see which works best for you and your skin.

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“In the past, I didn’t even do anything with my feet because it was so time consuming and took a lot of effort and energy to get in there and really scrub it. It wasn’t even in my radar because I just knew that I couldn’t do it. With this, it’s really simple, and it’s […] - T.D.